My name is Paul Krogmeier. I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the department of Computer Science interested in program synthesis, logic, and AI. I am also an avid jazz saxophone player.


Synthesizing DSLs for Few-shot Learning
Paul Krogmeier and P. Madhusudan
work in progress
Languages with Decidable Learning: A Meta-theorem
Paul Krogmeier and P. Madhusudan
★Distinguished Paper Award at OOPSLA 2023
Synthesizing Axiomatizations using Logic Learning
Paul Krogmeier*, Zhengyao Lin*, Adithya Murali*, and P. Madhusudan
Composing Neural Learning and Symbolic Reasoning with an Application to Visual Discrimination
Adithya Murali, Atharva Sehgal, Paul Krogmeier, and P. Madhusudan
IJCAI 2022
Learning Formulas in Finite Variable Logics
Paul Krogmeier and P. Madhusudan
★Distinguished Paper Award at POPL 2022
Deciding Accuracy of Differential Privacy Schemes
Gilles Barthe, Rohit Chadha, Paul Krogmeier, A. Prasad Sistla, and Mahesh Viswanathan
POPL 2021
Decidable Synthesis of Programs with Uninterpreted Functions
Paul Krogmeier, Umang Mathur, Adithya Murali, P. Madhusudan, and Mahesh Viswanathan
CAV 2020
Deciding Memory Safety for Single-Pass Heap-Manipulating Programs
Umang Mathur, Adithya Murali, Paul Krogmeier, P. Madhusudan, and Mahesh Viswanathan
POPL 2020
Towards Context-Aware Data Refinement
Paul Krogmeier, Steven Kidd, and Benjamin Delaware
Intl. Workshop on Coq for Programming Languages 2018

*equal contribution